David Livingstone Secondary School’s function is to assist learners to reach adulthood. We strive to afford every learner the opportunity to reach his or her own chosen goals through instruction, support and guidance.

We recognise the right of every learner to freedom of expression and belief. We seek to develop, in every individual, the recognition of the rights of others to the same freedom.

We support the sharing og knowledge and appreciate the benefits to the individual of exposure to the ideas of others.

We believe that learners should be helped to be developed into adults who are capable of making a meaningful contribution to thier society.

We recognise the role played by parents in the education of their children and at all times respect and incourage the involvement of the parent in the learners schooling.

We hope to advance a sense of belonging in the pupils withing the school environment where they will feel free to acquire, expand and demonstrate a variety of talents and abilities.


David Livingstone Secondary School is committed to the development of every facet of the child; his/her intellectual, emotional, spiritual, cultural and physical development, and to free every learner from the historical bondage.

David Livingstone Secondary School is committed to multicultural education where the learners are given the opportunity to learn the necessary skills which enable them with the opportunity to cope with the changing demands of society.

Meaningful and constructive interaction between our parents, learners, teaching-staff and community participation is at all times encouraged.

In order to accomplish our mission, we are committed to the appointment of the best available staff that identifies with the diverse values, culture and norms of the school and society.