David Livingstone Secondary School (Concise history of school)

The school building was completed in 1966. “Oom Forrie”(Mr Andrew Fortuin) became the first janitor in September 1966, living on the premises for the rest of the year.
The school opened its doors in 1967 with four teachers and 149 Standard 6 (Grade 8) learners. Mr FG Simon was the first acting principal of Livingstone Middelbare Skool. Cornelius Adams from Tembani was the first pupil entered in the school register. The four teachers were Mr Sidwell Roberts from Knysna, Mr Harry Visagie from Pretoria, Mr G Sylvester and Mrs Dorothy Hein.
Over the next three years the school learner enrolment has grown to 413 with 110 Standard Eight (Grade 10) learners. Mr John (Gallie) Groener was appointed principal in 1969 and the teaching staff increased when Mrs Wicomb, Miss Whitebooi, Mr Howard Miller, Mr Johan Benson and others were appointed in 1969.
Most of our learners had to complete their matric at Paterson High School, but in 1978 the new extensions to our school were completed and in 1979 we produced our first matriculants, with Brian Jonas obtaining an A – aggregate.